Quality Management

Quality Management

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of industrial filters, At DGS quality is our sole guiding force. Our manufactured products are tested on strict quality parameters before their market release. We have material traceability system for quality control of the products. All our technicians are well-qualified in their respective areas.

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Integrity Testing Methods

Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)

As filter products are widely used by a number of industries to achieve required levels of purity in liquids and gases, verification of filter performance has become an important issue in several industries. This has led to the development of Integrity testing of filters.

We conduct Integrity testing of filters using different Test methods, which offers non-destructive methods for proving the capability of a filter product to meet its stated performance when it is installed in an application



Hydrostatic test

A type of test that is performed on pressure vessels to check for leaks. Hydro testing involves completely filling up a pressure vessel with water and then pressurizing it. Once pressurized, leaks can be detected. exercitation.


Bubble point test

A bubble point test is a test designed to determine the pressure at which a continuous stream of bubbles is initially seen downstream of a wetted filter under gas pressure exercitation.


Diffusion Test

A diffusion test applies a constant pressure of air on the upstream side of a filter saturated with liquid and measures the volume of air over time that diffuses through the filter.  and this test is usually used with the hydrophilic filters


Pneumatic test

The purpose of pneumatic strength testing is to verify that a system may be safely subjected to its maximum operating pressure by testing it beyond its designed pressure limit. The pneumatic strength test uses air to pressurize the system.

Design Standards

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