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Oil Adsorbing Filter Bags


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Technical Specifications

  • Ø 4” x 10” Long
  • Ø 4” x 17” Long
  • Ø 4” x 20” Long
  • Ø 7” x 17” Long
  • Ø 7” x 32” Long
  • welded
  • Stitched 
  • 1 ~ 100 micron range, nominal rating
  • PP Collar Bag
  • Snap Bond Fit Bag

Oil Adsorbing Filter bags are widely used for onshore and offshore applications. They are precisely made to remove suspended oil from water and other liquids. It has been observed that in any application after oil schemer, there is certain amount of oil is still left within the stream and that fine oil particle can trap within oil adsorbing filter bags. They are made from carefully developed fibers which are responsible to retain oil droplets within the bags that does not come out even at high differential pressure. Like other bags, they are designed for high differential pressure across the filter, enhanced dirt holding capacity and to retain high amount of suspended oil within it. Oil adsorbing bag can remove more than 90% of suspended oil in a single pass itself.

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