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Horizontal Storage Tank


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Technical Specifications

  • 50-250 L
  • 250-500 L
  • 500-1000 L
  • 1000-2000L
  • 2000-5000L
  • SS304, SS304L
  • SS316, SS316L,
  • MS
  • Horizontal
  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Oils

Horizontal  Storage Tanks have the Horizontal Axis of Orientation for the tanks. Such horizontal tanks may be used for lesser volume needs and smaller quantity of fluid to be handled, They can be directly placed indoor. There is also a possibility for the Compartments to be installed the horizontal long tank so as to separate the storage, Horizontal storage tanks are often used within the agricultural and beverage industries because they are best suited for storing liquids like water and chemicals. Thanks to their design & shape, horizontal steel storage tanks are much easier to transport and move than vertical tanks. This easy mobility makes horizontal tanks very appealing for those who need to house or transport liquids on a regular basis.

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