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Dust Collection Filter Cartridge


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Technical Specifications

  • Standard & Customized
  •  PP
  • Spunbonded
  • Polyester
  • Cellulose Paper
  • MOC of Caps : Aluminum, GI, SS, PU Rubber
  • Lugs Type
  • Collar Type
  • Flange Type
  • Tie Rod Fitting
  •   1, 5, 10, 25, 50 (Micron)
  • PTFE coating for oil & moisture removal.
  • Aluminum coating for antistatic application.
  • Stainless steel coating for antistatic application.
  • Fire retardant coating.
  • PTFE lamination for very stick dust

Dust Collection Cartridges are made up of 100 % spun bonded polyester media, unlike pleated dust collection bags media with different coatings on it, as per the requirement of the applications. Construction-wise Pleated Dust Collection Bags & cartridges are similar. They differ only in variation of filtration area. Dust collectors’ manufacturers / OEMs can replace conventional tube bags with pleated dust collection bags & cartridges with just a few minor changes in the present equipment design. This polyester media is made-up of high tenacity filament yarn without using any binding agent. Thus, hard finished material is very stable against hot gas attack &are structurally durable. This unique & hard finished material provides features of good pleat ability, high durability, and unique structure of very fine filament yarn which offers high performance in filtration. Thermally tight bonded media provides better wash ability, excellent pleat ability, stable structure, fine dust release & good resistance of particle penetration into the media. The filter media is pleated in different pleated depths & heights to accommodate desired filtration area.

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